What Des1gnJam Does

Stand out from the crowd.

Des1gn Jam Websites creates handcrafted websites that tailor to your brand. I work with your ideas and concepts to create a brand consistency that flows from your website to your social media. I use my advanced knowledge in WordPress to make every website beautiful, user-friendly & memorable.

I also do freelance work for those small projects no matter how small. Everything from home computer repair to graphic art, photoshop & online marketing.

I also believe in helping you to be self-sufficient, a little know how goes a long way. I’m always happy to help with WordPress coaching and get you over those little areas that might be driving you crazy.
ALL my work is by the hour or a flat rate, either way I’m here for you.

Branding, Logos 
and Graphic Art
Website Design
and Assist

5 Reasons to choose DES1GN JAM

1. Stunning, Beautiful, Flexible Designs

Websites are designed with the world’s most popular design platforms (e.g. WordPress, Shopify) are based upon a theme/template structures that impose design restrictions and aren’t easily changed. All my designs are fully custom layouts that are personalised to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Plus changes to the page layouts can be easily implemented so your website always looks and functions exactly how you want at the lowest cost.

2. Mobile Friendly Designs

Since people now spend more time viewing the internet on their phones than on computers, it is imperative that your website is mobile friendly. All the websites that I design are responsive layouts that are automatically optimised for user friendly viewing and usage on all devices, including phones. So why pay extra to get a mobile-friendly website designed for your business when you can get a fully optimised, responsive layout standard, at no extra cost?

3. Affordable Costs

I mainly work with small businesses, so I understand that building a new website can be a major expense. DJwebsites goal is to provide professional website design services at a fraction of the cost of most other website design companies so small businesses have a better chance to succeed. All of my designs are based upon a detailed, fixed-price quotation so you know exactly what your website will cost before the project starts. And for those businesses that need a site but don’t have the upfront funds, we have a month-to-month design, maintenance & management package.

4. Fastest Development Time

Once a customer determines what type of design they prefer and I have received all website content inputs, a website will be typically completed in 2 to 3 weeks and in some cases in as little as 1 week.

5. Great Support After Your Website Is Published

If you are concerned that once your website is published, maintenance of your website will be costly and difficult, think again. Website changes can be requested by email and will generally be made within 1 day. Since I am able to make changes quickly and efficiently, this translates to low maintenance costs for you. Alternatively, customers have the option to edit their website content directly. I always want to provide the best customer service, so I’m always available for free consultations to discuss new changes to your site or new features that you may want to add. Providing great support for my customers is always my highest priority!




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